Inspiration::Creative Spaces

Every once in awhile I like to post about creative spaces. I get such joy and inspiration from looking at other people’s space,and I hope you do too.

I love to see how they organize their trinkets,what colors they use to inspire them,what DIY elements they incorporate or where they buy their furniture. As a creative person myself,I know how important having your own space to do work can be.  I used to have stuff strewn about the living room,dining room and well,just about every room until I got a dedicated room last year. It’s been sheer bliss. Plus,it keeps the house MUCH cleaner. I will occasionally have bits and bobs in the dining room still,but hey,who’s judgin?:p

Here are some tips I’ve come up with on designing and organizing your creative space.

{It’s all about the storage}

{Soul Pretty  via unplggd}

*  Use in-expensive containers for your storage,but most importantly,store things where you can easily get to them. Jars are my favorite type of container,because not only are they cute (and glass) but they are fairly in-expensive,you can easily see through them and add a nice label to them. They also come in a multitude of sizes,so you can easily stack and sort them by height.


* Have lots of fabric or crafting books? Or even smaller items like thread or jewelry pieces? Use cubbies to separate everything nicely,but still be able to  see everything at a glance. It’s a great way to stay organized.


* These little metal baskets are perfect for ribbons and other items. You can pick these up almost anywhere for a pretty good price.

{Small space design}

Don’t have a lot of space but need to make room for designing? Here are some great small space solutions.


* Have an extra closet but don’t know what to do with it? First of all,congrats on having an extra closet (jealous).  Make your own design space by taking off the doors,painting the inside a great color,lining it with shelving and a desk and flanking the opening with curtains you can un-tie to hide the space when you are done. Of course,to keep it neat and orderly,use cute matching bins and containers to tie everything together and keep clutter out of sight.


* Another GREAT closet transformation. Don’t you love the color and the wallpaper? This is a lot easier than it looks. It’s amazing what you can do with some paint,a couple of filing cabinets,a chandelier and some off centered shelving. I think my favorite part though is the peg board storage unit. Peg boards come in white or natural and can be cut into any shape and size you want. I saw some last weekend at OSH. For a piece of 2′x3′board,it was just a little over $6 bucks. I plan on buying some and using it,very soon! I love how they painted the board to match the rest of the interior. It’s a cheap way to make something look very chic and cohesive. Get a few metal hooks (made especially for peg boards) and start organizing.


* Don’t even have a CLOSET you can spare? I can understand,but that doesn’t mean you can’t have your own space. Pick a corner by a window and set up shop. Get a nice,clean,white desk,some shelving ,a fun rug and some pictures or art work…and you are in business. It also helps to have your space painted a soothing color,and the one above is just dreamy.

{A few spaces to inspire you}

Whatever your budget and whatever the size of space you have,there is ALWAYS something you can do. Just roll up your sleeves,get some paint and be creative.:) Use items you already have,like:

*Old suitcases


*Hand me down furniture (Why not paint a chest of drawers your mom gave you,add some new hardware,and store your fabrics?)

*Wooden crates

*Chicken wire (you can create a mood board that you can clip pictures and inspiration to)

*Glass milk,jam and pasta jars for storage or vases for flowers. Wash the jar after use and then put some goo-gone on the label and in about 5 minutes,you’ll have a perfect container.

And the list goes on and on…

Here are some beautiful spaces to get your juices flowin.


* Probably one of the most blogged about spaces is Holly Beckers (from decor8blog) creative space. Don’t you love everything about this? The chair,the Mac,the lamp and the design board all come together to create a pretty inviting space. I could sit with a cup of tea at this desk every morning.


*I’m so drawn to white furniture and feminine blue and green walls. I love the studio for Twigs &Honey. It’s simple but elegant. Check out the whole studio tour here.


*Sometimes putting all of your do-dad’s and craft supplies in one place can make a smaller space look cluttered. Bring it all together by having a color scheme that flows throughout the room. Also,what an amazing mood board behind the desk. Simple to make and it adds beautiful visual impact to the space.


* This room is just beautiful with the big pieces of furniture flanking the walls and used as an island in the middle of the room. What I love most (other than the gorgeous celery green island) is the mustard color powder room chair on wheels. How handy would that be to get from one are in your room to the next? I could see myself totally buzzing around on that thing…and not getting much done (that’s a whole other issue though,:|) Genius!

Whimsical Wednesday::Little Fawn

What a sweet little animal. I was thinking  how cute it would be to decorate your new bundle of joy’s nursery with this precious animal. I found some of the cutest items on Etsy to perfectly outfit the room.

What do you think?










Beauty::Messy Side Braid

Lately I’ve been wearing my hair in a messy side braid when I don’t have the time to do something fancy. Honestly,it doesn’t actually look all that “messy”but messy is the best word to describe it I suppose. I usually poof up the top a little bit with some teasing (because I DO NOT do slicked back) and also tease my hair a bit before I braid it to make my braid a little thicker. It’s a fresh way to do your hair,and it’s almost funny because I remember this style being popular when I was a little girl. Everything comes back around doesn’t it?

Almost any hair length (except for super short) can pull off this look. It’s simple and easy,but will add a different style to your repertoire and give you a very boho look,which is totally in style right now.

I wanted to showcase a few of my favorite side braids for you and get your opinion. Would you wear your hair like this,or have you? Do you have any great tips and tricks?



Ok,the girls eyebrows on the right are totally strange (lol) but I love both of these looks. Rachel McAdams side ponytail is actually just how I like it. Somewhat polished but still a little messy too with hair sticking out of the braid. ;)

I love the softness of the top of Jessica Alba’s hair in this photo,along with the bangs.

Diana Krugers side braid is so pretty. Don’t you love the back?{image}

So pretty and natural looking. It looks like no effort went into this at all,yet it’s so lovely.

The volume in Pixie’s hair looks great! I love the side bangs with this look. Fun!

Amanda Seyfried was able to make this look so glamourous just by adding that 20′s wave to the side. The super glam eyes also really dress this look up.

Blake Lively looks stunning with this super messy side braid. OK,so the long eyelashes help too,but this side braid is super unique. There are strands of hair completely out of the braid,while some of it is in a messy fishtail. Stunning!

Ashley Tisdale made this look so hot! I want to wake up tomorrow morning and have this hair.:)

Vintage Love::Mad Men

We just finished Season 3 of Man Men and I’m begging for more. Oh Netflix,why can’t you be faster? *sigh* Oh yeah,and WHY does “The Wire”have to be next in the cue? ergh

2 words…Don.Draper. *double sigh*

Other than his extremely gorgeous…errr…charm…the clothes and the lifestyle make me swoon. OK,not the chain smoking,drinking in the morning,philandering lifestyle,but the always wearing a hat when you go outside,stay at home mom,and ball gown lifestyle,I can totally get behind.

Do you love Mad Men too?




Weekend DIY &Link Love


Word on the street is that yesterday was the last day of Summer. Although it feels like the Bay Area is just now starting to experience Summer,let’s try to get everything out of it that we can. Why not host just one more dinner party in your backyard,or have that romantic picnic with your love that you’ve been meaning to do (since this post) or lay in the sun just a few more hours before the days start getting shorter and shorter. I hope you all have a very fun filled,relaxing and blessed weekend. Here are a few things to check out in your free time:

* I just stumbled upon this blog yesterday and love it. Such great DIY’s and I love the house tour.

* These are currently in my shopping basket at Urban Outfitters. I plan on making a big picture wall and incorporate these on it.

* I love how bloggers have started to make it into commercials now. Like this one and of course,THIS Maxxinista.  Are you Maxxinista’s (tj maxx fashionistas)? I totally am. In fact,my shoes today are from there.:p

* I am in LOVE with this designer. Her bags make me swoon,seriously. I will own one soon,I WILL!

* Have you seen “The New Girl”yet,with Zooey Deschanel? She is amazing right? Just love her,and have for awhile now. Check out her blog that she writes with a few other gals.

*Need a beautiful,romantic and luxurious place to stay during your next trip to wine country? Try this place out. Gorge!!!

* Ever wonder what the inside of the Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters headquarters looks like? Check it out here! Kinda wish I worked there.

* Want an amazing designer outfit for an event but don’t want the high designer price? Check out this site and RENT your outfit.

Here is some great weekend DIY over at Belle Maison.

Thursday Thoughts::Control Freak Perfectionist

I’m the type of person that has to have all their ducks in a row,at the same time. Now if any of you have ever seen ducks,or better yet,raised ducks,you’ll know that’s a nearly impossible task.

Seriously,if my house is clean,my bills are paid,my groceries have been shopped for,Feather &Branch is running smoothly,my romantic life is good,my family life is good,my cats are healthy,those cookies I just ate didn’t go straight to my thighs and my 8-5 job is going well…then *whew*…I can breath easy and skip on my merry way.

But uh oh,if one of those items is off kilter…it throws almost everything off for me. Why? I have no idea. Am I “really”a perfectionist? No,not at all…although…sometimes life may be easier if I were. ;) I leave to many clothes on the floor to be perfect. I’ll fall asleep in front of the TV before I finish a blog. I have the worst cuticle biting habit. I’m pretty sure there are dishes in the sink from last nights dinner.  Seriously folks,I’m nowhere NEAR perfect. I just like things to be in order,as much as I can control at least.

I wonder if that stems from things not always being in order while growing up. We went through some tough times (and came out just fine,I might add) but I think because some things were just up in the air (my brothers health,our family situation) I like to have everything set right. I’m sure I’m not the only one to love things in order…but I’ve had to learn to let go some.

Lately I’ve been struggling with staying on top of EVERYthing and not missing a beat. Not only do I run Feather &Branch,but I’m also a C.A.S.A (Court Appointed Special Advocate) for a 16 year old Latino male who lives just south of  San Francisco. I pick him up every other week and hang out for about 3 hours.  I work a full time,8-5:30,Monday-Friday job. I go to the gym 3 days a week for an hour and a half in the evenings. I create jewelry and accessories about 3 days a week. I do all of my pictures for my blog and shop on Saturdays and Sundays,while squeezing church in there (should be the other way around ,I know,I know). And then I hit repeat. My week starts all over again.

{Before anyone thinks I feel sorry for myself…I don’t. Nor am I complaining,I just want to be able to help other people who struggle with the same thing}

I’ll be adding one more very important thing to my plate. I’ll be taking one week off a month to go help my grandparents in Michigan. I live so far away and right now they are having some health issues,and I want and need to do my part. I can’t sit here knowing they need the help and do nothing. Luckily my job is working with me. I feel so very blessed to have an understanding boss.

Now with all that said (wow,you must think I’m a crazy lady!) I’ve learned some very important lessons the past few years of my life. I want to pass those along,maybe they will help,maybe they won’t…

1) Just let go. Let go of the dishes,let go of the nagging feeling to get EVERY load of laundry done TOnight. Let go of trying to make everyone believe you have it altogether. It’s ok,none of us do…remind yourself of that and just breath.

2) Life is definitely more about the connections you make and the love you are able to share,then it is about your to do list. Maybe we should make “to don’t”lists,I bet we’d feel a LOT better about what we DON’T have to do. ;)

3) Saying yes to everything is a big FAT fail. Yep,total fail. Me,I used to say yes to everything. I still struggle with this ,but I’m learning everyday. I ‘m definitely the type of person that likes to be the “one who gets things done”“the one you can count on”but then I end up with 100 things on my plate,100 promises,and some are going to fall through the cracks. I’d rather do 1 or 2 things REALLY well,then 100 things just scraping by. Learn to say no sometimes,and remember,it’s OK. Saying no is actually a very strong thing to do I’ve found.

4) Give yourself boundaries. Sure,saying no and letting go of things are boundaries in themselves,but make sure your thoughts are under control too. So many times my thoughts will get the best of me..”you’re not doing enough Danae”“other people are busy too,what’s your excuse?”I have to reign it and say “hey,i’m doing what I can,when I can.”And remember to tell yourself good job. Sounds cheesy,but it’s true. What we think of ourselves is a big deal.

5) If you believe in God,then just lean on Him. Remember,He’s the only perfect one anyway.

Well,that’s all I have to say. I just wanted to encourage you to do only what you can do,to not worry about the small things and to remind yourself you’re doing a great job.

Does anyone else out there have these feelings sometimes? How do you cope with a crazy schedule and boundaries? I’d love to hear from you. Sometimes it’s just nice to know you’re not alone out there.:)



Whimsical Wednesday::Dancing in the Rain

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass,it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

One of my favorite quotes. Life can really throw you some curve balls sometimes. We all go through things. Hard times,good times…they happen to us all. But what do you do during those times? Do you disappear into the storm,or do you dance in the rain?

The dancing part can be hard. I know this so well. How can you dance when you feel you have nothing to dance about?

I don’t know,I guess I can only suggest from my experience is to always trust the hand of God. To trust that He’s leading and guiding and just like in a dance,He’s leading you into your next step.

Follow,smile,remember to be thankful for what you still have and above all…stop…and dance.









Beauty::Au Naturale

Every once in awhile I like to post some money saving beauty tips on here that are made from natural products. Don’t get me wrong,most of the beauty items I use I buy from Tarjay or Rite Aid (like Skintimate Sensitive Skin shaving cream and Tresemme hairspray,which I cannot live without) but there are some products that are definitely more cost effective for your pocket book and possibly better for your skin. I never buy skin scrubs anymore because I just make my own. I’ve given them as gifts too and they have been greeted with open arms (and thirsty skin):). Here are a few items that you can make yourself with whatever you have lying around.

 Body Scrub


Whether you use brown sugar,white sugar,coffee grounds or salt,making your own scrub is so simple and quick. Usually I like to soak and scrub my feet so I’ll whip up a very natural scrub in a bowl from white cane sugar and olive oil. About 1 parts each,maybe a “little”more sugar than olive oil so it’s not too oily. I mix that with a spoon and it smells so good and feels ever better. However,you can add vanilla or any other scented oil to that base and get an even more delicious result. Of course,don’t eat it,but I realize it may be tempting.

Just make sure to really rinse your tub out after use. We don’t want your shower to turn into a confined slip and slide.:p

Honey Face Wash

I loved this recipe from this site (and by the way,they have some other great recipes too!) for a Honey Face Wash.  Simple,easy and cheap. I love all three of those words.

In the palm of your hand,combine a tablespoon of raw,unfiltered honey with a half a tablespoon of baking soda,mix it together,and apply to damp skin. The honey is antibacterial while also soothing dry skin,and the baking soda is gently exfoliating without tearing or irritating your face.

Tightening and Toning Lemon and Egg White Mask

Another great recipe for you to put your best face forward!

Makes 1 application:

Juice from 1/2 a lemon (strained) and 1 egg white.

Beat together egg white and lemon juice for 3 minutes. Apply directly to your face,avoiding the eyes. Leave on for 30 minutes and then rinse off with warm water.

Tropical Hair Conditioner

Mmm,I love just about everything with coconut in it. And this yummy hair treatment sounds wonderful.

1 avocado
Organic Coconut Milk

Peel and pit avocado. Mash avocado and slowly add coconut milk until smooth and the consistency of hair conditioner. Work through hair to ends. Rinse after 15 minutes and shampoo.


Do you have some homemade beauty tips you’d like to share? I’d love to post them up here next time. Send an email to me at and I’ll post it next Tuesday . I’d love to hear from you.



Missoni or MissNOni?

OK,OK…so my title is ridiculous. But if you have been anywhere near planet Earth lately,I’m sure you’ve seen all of the Missoni hub-bub going on,at LEAST the ads on TV or in your local Target. I wouldn’t normally blog about something like this,but it’s just ridiculous (to repeat the first line of this post).

My friend and I decided to take our lunch break to Target yesterday to see their new Missoni line. We were a day later and a dollar short apparently. There was NOTHING,let me repeat,NOTHING left. Wait,they did have a pair of heels in a 9 and a 10,so of course,I was out of luck on that one. Honestly,it’s not the fact that I didn’t get to buy something that irked me. In fact,I didn’t care about that. Sure,I wanted to see the items and the quality,but most of the items didn’t appeal to me anyway. *except those cute little zig zag flats and some of the housewares*  What irked me was seeing the immediate presence on eBay priced 2 to 3 times more than in the store. I mean,within hours they already had these items posted that they had purchased for $30 bucks! What kind of people do this?

I get it,you want to make quick cash,the economy  isn’t great,and you think this stuff will be in high enough demand. Blah,blah,blah. It’s honestly just gross to me. I’ve read account after account from Target shoppers all over the US saying that people were going around with their shopping carts PILED to the top,overflowing and elbowing other people and just grabbing one of everything (or 5 of everything). Seriously…what is going on?

It’s very sad to me. First,where and how were these people raised? There is something called common courtesy. Really? Elbowing? Filling carts FULL of merchandise,just to turn around and sell it and take advantage of other people? It would have been great for Target to impose a limit of items,but I don’t think they were prepared for everything that happened. Second,with all the poverty in the world and other heartbreaking issues,piling your carts full of Missoni shoud be the least of your worries. The greed is just sickening.

If you were able to get a Missoni item,great,I’m not knocking that. I think just seeing all the news articles,hearing about it online and TV,and hearing personal accounts makes me super disappointed in people. I would hope people could actually be better than this. I would hope that people could respect themselves and other people a little more.

I guess I just wanted to vent how disturbed I was about all of this. Did you get to Target to see this line? Did you find anything? What did you think about the news that it created? My only wish is that people do not purchase these items off of eBay for triple the cost..I mean,we’ll all think you got it from Target anyway.:p  I’m of the opinion that there are more important things in life than carts full of Missoni. Who’s with me?



Photography Inspiration::Glamping/Secret Hideaways

Sometimes you just need to get away. Away from cell phones,computers,people,television and life in general. Sometimes you just need to glamp. Glamp? Oh,that just means Glamour Camping.:0)

Grab your loved one,pack up some belongings (only the necessaties) and try to find a spot like one of these. I’m pretty sure you won’t be sorry.

{image source}

{image source}

{image source}

{image source}

{image source}

{image source}

{image source}

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