Friday Giveaway No.1!

Hi everyone! If you follow me on Facebook you’ll know I recently noted that I’ll be doing a fun giveaway every Friday in the month of July.:) So here’s how it works!

*Every Friday I’ll post a new item (jewelry,grab bag,etc.) to give away to the first 10 people who comment on the post.

*However,those people either have to already be followers or have JUST became a new follower. (following my blog is key to these giveaways).

*If you Tweet or Facebook about this blog and link back,let me know and you’ll get ANOTHER special little treat.

*Make sure you do it right away so you can be a winner. And you can even win multiple times. I’m trying to get more followers to my blog,so new followers are VERY welcome to enter!!

*You have until the following Tuesday to enter and I will announce the lovely winners each Wednesday. I’ll reach out to you for your address if you are a winner.

PLEASE be sure to pass this along. It’s a easy and fun way to win some great little gifts.


OK OK,so now,off to my first Friday Giveaway of the month.


My locket rings have been a big hit online and at shows. They are so simple and cute. Sure,they are small,but you can fit a little picture inside,or hide a note for someone (or from someone,ooolala). Lockets are usually only worn around your neck,but it’s fun to wear one on your finger too!

You’ll get an antique brass ring base (adjustable to fit any finger) that comes adorned with a locket and a flower cabochon. The color and flower you get will be a surprise,but I think you’ll love it! Oh wait,did I mention,they’ll be wrapped super cute too!

So cute right? So get to following (or posting) and good luck to the first 10!



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