Whimsical Wednesday::Home Sweet Home

Today,I’m really missing home. Of course,I talk to my family everyday,but sometimes Indiana just seems TOO far. There are days that I’d love to just transport myself there to do some shopping with my mom,have a cup of tea with my aunt,sit with my grandparents and share old . . . →Read More:Whimsical Wednesday::Home Sweet Home

Tuesday Color Inspiration::Gray and Sunshine Yellow

“There goes the sun,do-do-do-do,there goes the sun.”

That’s what I’m singing today.:P Yep,it’s gray and raining cats and dogs here in California,so of course,Gray is my color inspiration. It’s funny,my outfit is bright and cheery,but outside it’s dark and dreary. (was the rhyming . . . →Read More:Tuesday Color Inspiration::Gray and Sunshine Yellow

Vintage Love::Luggage

I love vintage luggage. The beautiful,rich colors of the leather. The sweet satin interiors with all those compartments. I love to imagine where this luggage has been. Lovely steamer trunks that have taken a ride on a train across the country or a boat across the sea. Feminine make up cases that . . . →Read More:Vintage Love::Luggage

Thursday Color Inspiration::Raspberry

What a lively color and so awesome for Summer!  Mix it with other shades of pink and purple,or combine it with other bold colors like mustard, pear green or navy blue.

Here’s some great color inspiration if you are planning a party,decorating a room,or getting married. This deep,romantic color . . . →Read More:Thursday Color Inspiration::Raspberry

Wednesday Color Inspiration::Peach

Such a feminine and airy color. Gone are the days of 80′s peach colored Bridesmaids dresses (made of Taffeta,none the less) and in their place,lovely earthy peach tones that are chic and elegant. Pair peach with darker tones or make it shine by adding bits of magenta,seafoam green or teal. . . . →Read More:Wednesday Color Inspiration::Peach

Whimsical Wednesday::Summer Tea Party

I love Tea Parties year round,but you can have so much fun with them in the Summer. The colors you can decorate with are amazing,and you can have them outdoors. I found some lovely inspiration for those of you planning a bridal shower,birthday party,or just a small intimate gathering . . . →Read More:Whimsical Wednesday::Summer Tea Party

Tuesday Color Inspiration::Mustard

Mustard is such a bold and beautiful color. It looks great all on it’s own,or paired with coral,chocolate brown,white or navy. It works year round and  can add a lot of spice to a room or even an outfit. It’s one of my favorite colors,and hopefully in the pictures . . . →Read More:Tuesday Color Inspiration::Mustard

Monday Color Inspiration::Pistachio

I absolutely love this color. There is something so feminine yet so refreshing about it. It reminds me of Summer. Of Ice Cream and Macaroons. Of kitchen appliances from the 50′s.:) It looks great with neutrals but it also looks lovely with bright colors that really pop.

. . . →Read More:Monday Color Inspiration::Pistachio

Raining Umbrella’s::E-course Contributor

This past month (May 2011) I was blessed to be a part of a wonderful E-Course with Raining Umbrella’s. Vicki contacted me back in March and I was thrilled to learn she was interested in what Feather &Branch (that’s me!) had to say. It was such a joy,and I’m so pleased . . . →Read More:Raining Umbrella’s::E-course Contributor

Vintage Love::Metal Drawers

I decided to start a new topic called “Vintage Love.”I am always so inspired by vintage clothing,furniture,decor and style so I said,“what the heck! why not?!”I figure I might as well only write about what I love,and Vintage is definitely what I love. I especially love . . . →Read More:Vintage Love::Metal Drawers

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